Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fancy Feet

Yes please and thank you. 

As always, from NEED SUPPLY

Ulgh, Braam you're so cool.

I'd by lying if I told you that I wasn't phased by that peri-urban, new age  hipster-slash-cool people cultural hub that is Braamfontein. I, like many others who appreciate anything that might symbolise some type of defection from the mainstream, am profoundly fond of this place that's been garnering so much local and international attention. Not only am I fond of it but I'm also quite proud of it; I am proud that this eclectic, creative space exists right here in Africa, Braam is not only the holy grail of hipsterdom but it is the proverbial middle finger to all African skeptics, a collective "how'd you like them apples" to those who have the annoying tendency of associating Africa with perpetual hunger and that catch Kony movement.

I mean...its not Soho ...but dammit, it'll do.