Wednesday, 28 September 2011


So....since we're all about trying out new things this week - how about dying your clothes?? I found the coolest blog last night and the bait was a picture I'd seen of this super styling girl and her amazing two-tone crocheted dress - only to find out she had dyed it herself!
Ladies and gentlemen, Ms VintageVirgin...

I'm all for crocheted detail but I must say, this dye gives her dress that modern touch - totally in love with it!

And as for these vintage goodies? Amaze.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Would you Sheer?

I remember the first time I saw a sheer blouse, it was off white, loose on a woman's skin, with a tie-around collar - it was beautiful, the only oddity about this uber garment was its "sheerness" ; its transparent, thin material that enabled you to see pretty much...everything.
Everything in me went "no, I am not wearing that!" - the conventional, conservative haberdashgirl (me) could not deal with this inappropriately provocative piece of clothing.
That was then. Today? I have lovely, peach colored sheer blouse sitting on my suitcase as we speak.

I guess what I'm trying to say is the term 'inappropriate' is completely relative, what was 'inappropriate','crazy' or 'wrong' some time ago may seem perfectly fine now.

With all of that in mind, insert: Sheer Maxi Dress: translucent, long, some mothers would kick their kids out the house if they stepped in with this, or show some semblance of hysterical anger.

Question is: would you sheer? if yes, why? and if not, why not?
As for me - I think my peach blouse has kind of given you the answer already.


My Webcam Will Have to Suffice

So...I broke my camera this weekend. Mind you, I had only had it in my possesion for a period of six days before it fell to its (hopefully not) death.
If my brother or sister are reading this right now, please ignore this news - the camera will be fixed before the end of the week and there is absolutely no need to tell my parents!

Well I had promised you all that I would post a picture of my cute box braids that I am totally in love with because they are so simple and rustic, yet so cool and urban! Because my camera is...currently unavailable, my webcam will have to suffice.

Well, there they are - in all their rustic-urban glory!
I also wanted to show you pictures of AKA's performance and what I was wearing, both were epic ;) -- but alas technology has decided to give me the middle finger.
Lets just hope I can get this camera fixed - because if I can't, I'm in big trouble...

Soundtrack To My Life: Usher - Confessions


Sunday, 25 September 2011


Soundtrack to My Life: Mary Mary - Can't Give up Now

Don't cower from whatever the week has in store for you - proceed and be bold!
Have a lovely week!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Heritage Day

Happy heritage day to all the folks in the South on my mother's side (Lesotho) and all the lovelies in the East on my father's (Tanzania).
Be proud of who you are! Happy Heritage Day!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jourdan Dunn

There are only a certain number of people in the world who can make "Dazed and Confused" look this good.She just happens to be one of them.

Soundtrack To My Life: Wale - Pretty Girls


AKA in Grahamstown

AKA is coming to Grahamstown this weekend.
This time two years ago, I must admit I had no idea who he was, today however, AKA and his 'IV League' confederates are all over...and I mean all over! Yes teenage girls swoon over his charming smile and luminescent yellow skin but thats not the real reason for the hype though - AKA, IV League and other hip-hop heads like Pro-Kid, Kwesta, Naeto-C, Khuli Chana, JR (I could go on) are on the precipice of reconstructing South African and African Hip Hop as we know it.

Khuli Chana (Right) and AKA (Left).
So on Friday, some girls will be screaming out his name, professing their undying love, maybe even throwing their undergarments his way - as for me? I will be the girl somewhere in the packed crowd, singing along to all his lyrics, content that I got to see this man at the wake of his victory lap. 

Soundtrack To My Life: AKA - All I Know

Monday, 19 September 2011

Box Braids in the Hizzay

Somewhere between sprawling myself on my mother's couch, ransacking her fridge (yes, I confess, I am that midnight snacker), and flipping incessantly between MTV, Fashiontv and The Style Network, I finally managed to braid my hair this past week. I had just recently taken out my weave (quick shout out to synthetic, curleable hair pieces) and I was dying to go for a 'homegrown', rustic, more natural kind of look - and then I saw Solange and her box braids.

Of course mine are much less dramatic (my neck can only handle so much thank you) but I LOVE them - they currently cannot do that epic, supersized bun that Solange is donning in this pic but they make a neat, moderately sized one that I will definitely rock this term - if all goes well I might just do them again in a few weeks, I believe I've been bitten by the box-braid bug...and I doubt there is any going back now.
*Promise to upload pics of my hairstyle sometime this week!

Soundtrack To My Life: Whip My Hair - Willow Smith


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jeez but Some People are Gorgeous.

Rise and shine good people! (well all my good people in the South that is, its only past eight in the morning down here!). Just thought I should start you guys off with a pretty face today :) World, this is Crystal Noreiga - a Trinadad and Tobago native (yes she's from 'thee eyelahnd'*insert carribean accent*) and winner of last year's Elite Model Look competition.
Don't you think she's gorge? I think she's gorge.
Hopefully we'll be seeing her at the New York Fashion Week which is in...less than 24 hours!
By the way I haven't slept yet, so if you're wondering why there are an unusual number of exclamation marks at the end of my sentences you should know that I'm currently high off of caffeine (!).
Have a great day xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Firstly I really must apologise for being such a stranger lately, its the work! These lecturers have it out for me, I promise you, I assume they want to make sure that they suck the life out me before I leave for Spring break. But in the words of that old Matthew Wilder "can't nobody break my stride, can't nobody hold me down (oh no!) ...I've got to keep on moving..."
And boy did I move this weekend.

Now you should know that Beyonce Knowles is not the only person in the world born on the fourth of September, sorry to kill your vibe Queen B fans but, yes, I was born on the fourth  as well and I had the honor of being able to celebrate my 20th birthday (twenty...eep!) with my beloved pals over the weekend. We started off in the afternoon, with some music, snacks, and a bowl of home-made punch (a la moi, if that makes any sense), we then showered got all dressed up and headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Grahamstown, '137 on High Street'.

My friends and I on our way there, note how we don't own cars.

That's me, trying to be the sweet, angelic yet highly demanding birthday host.

The most expensive thing on this picture, is the pasta - which (as you can well see) is digested and gone!

And then the fun started, insert five good looking girls high on life and Italian food in the midst of a camera and uber talented photographer Dudu Luthuli...and you get this...

and some of this...

I feel ridiculous posting these pictures hahaha! But I felt I had to share them with you guys - it's only right, right?!
As you can see I had a blast this weekend, thank you to all my friends and family who sent me lots of love, good wishes and blessings and, lastly, thanks to YOU dear reader who always sticks by me - reads my crap, compliments my posts and generally supports me in all that I do on this little blog of mine, Love!