Monday, 20 June 2011


Never mind wallowing in the shadows of your older sibling's glistening spotlight - Elle Fanning has told that shadow to go jump!Elle, younger sister of seventeen year old Dakota Fanning (yes you heard me, seventeen!), is creating her own little success story having landed a number of  modelling editorials for magazines such as Interview, Marie Claire and Blackbook. Many people argue that she is way too young to be modelling - well, what would you choose? Being an average thirteen year old (whose greatest excitement in life is junior school socials - woop.) or being drapped in the most beautiful clothes by the most influential people in the world?Excuse me but normativity seems to pale in comparison to that - no matter what age you are.

are they sure she's thirteen though?she looks my age. just saying:)

Saturday, 18 June 2011


So...two exams down, two to go - I'm really tired and frustrated because time just seems to be going so slowly.
But then!
I come across pictures like this - shoes like these... and I'm like "exams?whatever."
Because really, these are just beyond.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Have an amazing weekend.

And for your entertainment:
I believe we all have a little Kathy Beth Terry in us - after you watch the video I think you'll know what I mean.


My apologies for being such a stranger lately, believe me, I wanted to blog (blogging is usually all I want to do!) but I've got to write three exams in five days - which doesnt sound like much (and it didn't sound like much to me either until a few days ago) but it is.
While on a study break I found these awsome pictures of Beyonce for L'Uomo Vogue's July/August Issue - I love the classic broadway meets androgyny feel which was beautifully created by stylist Rushka Bergman and perfectly captured by photographer Francesco Carrozzini.
Very nice.
Okay bye everybody - back to studying!

This has to be my favourite.

But then there's this one - ah!Cant pick.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Fashion is timeless, vintage never dies and photos like these will always serve to attest to that fact.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Its around six twenty five in the morning and I am still wide awake, I was supposed to sleep six hours ago so that I could wake up and study but as you can see - that plan has gone to the dogs.
Its amazing how us human beings - though fully aware of the dreadful consequences of induldging in procrastination - still find ourselves procrastinating almost on a daily basis!Here I am, a couple of days away from what is possibly one of the craziest exam periods of my life but instead of attending to my academic work I find myself laying in my bed in the early hours of the morning, surfing the net and snacking on cheap strawberry flavoured wafers.
I am the African Queen of procrastination.
And in four days I'll be having mild panic attacks, as it will have only dawned on me then that I am in fact a Varsity student and I actually need to pass!
Oh well atleast one good thing came out of this recent episode of procrastination - Alex Folzi.

While most of us college/varsity students spend our time on facebook, twitter, blogspot, or generally (you guessed it) procrastinating from some major deadlines other students are brewing a stylish, vintage and effective formula for success.

Fela and Fola Fagbure, two college students and residents of Alberta Canada, are the brains behind the label Alex Folzi which is a brand that specialises in vintage inspired trunks with classic prints.

Although this project only took off at the beginning of 2010 Alex Folzi is getting a lot of street cred with more and more people taking a keen interest in what these, evidently, creative duo have going on.

Although I only just discovered these trunks now (and when I mean 'now' I mean like, an hour or two ago!) I must say I really really love them, they are classic vintage and they are also undenaibly cool - very simple yet they scream empecable style.
As for the Fagbure twins, who are more or less my age, I have to give them a virtual round of applause - they've just made the world a little brighter.
Yup - I'd die for Alex Folzi too:)



edited by me:)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I love it when people tell me about cool stuff that I can tell you guys about, my friend Amanda Hlengwa recently told me about this really edgy, funky, flavoured label Boxing Kitten.

Maya Lake, a New York native and self taught designer, describes her pattern printed, vintage genius as having an "ethnic rockabilly" look.
All hail the rockabilly.

You like these??Click Here 

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Right now- during the pressure, anxiety and general stress of Varsity exams- my one consolation is the net and its ability to help me find all things pretty, all things cool, all things artsy, all things 'haberdashery' (yes i have now changed the word from a noun to an adjective - i like it that way lol).
Tonight i stumbled upon these, and every time I look at them - my looming English exam doesnt seem all that bad.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


This month Sasha Pivovarova does more than just grace the pages of Vogue Paris - she adorns them with genius, edgy photos mastered by the skillful likes of Joe McKenna, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Here its all about the "hobo-chic", with tough looking yet dashing pieces from true urban outfitters like Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten made to create an art-like, fashion inspired, mastered mess.
And I love it!