Sunday, 27 February 2011


I will have you know that, though I absolutely adore fashion; I'm still quite new to the whole fashion thing, and even though I am only starting to learn about the labels, the art, the workmanship etc. ( a journey I have decided to take with you all) there is one particular brand that has really caught my eye these past couple of months.
The late Franco Moschino, a former designer of Giorgio Armani, decided to create his own fashion label in 1983 thus Moschino the fashion empire was born.
It seems as if Franco Moschino had wanted all his pieces to have a sense of sprightly infectiousness; he wanted his pieces not just to come alive, but to light a spark in the hearts of their admirers. With their edge, colour, vibrance, and many times, eccentricity Moschino breaks away from the sometimes bland world of minimalism that the fashion world is prone to attach itself to. At times during his shows two of the same outfits would be presented; one in the usual artsy runway manner and another worn the way any normal person might wear it in the real world...a catwalk-sidewalk conglomerate.
His motto is said to be the Latin proverb : 'De gustibus non est disputandum' which loosely means 'in matters of taste there is no dispute' ; basically, where what you want, when you want to where it, however you want to wear it - its a free world and no one dare judge you.
And here are some of Moschino's latest contributions (Milan Fashion Week 2011). I believe the theme they were going for here is like a WORKING CLASS MEETS HIGH CLASS type of thing...I hope you like these as much as I did :)
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theres black, white, gold and then BAM! that it!

Coco Rocha with a chicken on her head, only Moschino people, only Moschino.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

Jamiroquai - Blue Skies

You know that song you can't help but love? And I dont mean 'love' - that silly word that we slap-dash around daily without even thinking twice. I am talking about the kind of love whereby twenty years from now when ur in the car with your child and you want to give them a taste of what you were listening to at a stage, that song that meant most to you when you were their age... you take out that Jamiroquai 'Blue Skies' single from your dusted cd collection, place it into that old cd player and , at that moment, give your child a glimpse of that nineteen year old you once were. A (once) young girl, besotted with timeless music.
That, friends, is going to be me in twenty years - thanks to this track.


New kids on the block Wallflower recently released their first issue; this magazine is supposed to be one that focuses primarily on the arts and entertainment industry - you can check Wallflower out on fb or twitter.
As for me...Im just digging this etherial/eerie spread that they've got going on - hot!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The L.A.M.B provides fashion's last supper

My first blog :) yay me! Well since part of this cyber-diary is about Haberdashery - and for those of u who don't know what that is, its another name I use for Fashion- it only seems appropriate that I start us off with alittle haberdash ;)

L.A.M.B (which I love) was the last big fashion name to grace the glossed cat walks at the recent New York Fashion Week providing fashion lovers with the last rations, glimpses and taste of the latest trends - this is what I'd like to call NY fashion week's last supper.
Personally I adore the play on themes, colours and materials that Gwen and her team created; from Urban Reggae to Rocker Chic, it was a mixed masala of hot new trends and a tribute to timeless old fashion styles I don't think we'll ever get over.
 L.A.M.B sure did bring out the big guns for this one, making the last big fashion show... one heck of a meal.

Preppy girl meets leather!

Love the dress...the hat...ja well...I love the dress!

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