Monday, 18 March 2013


Yes please and thank you. 

Rockland Backpack from Need Supply

My Black is Beautiful

"My black is beautiful is so is yours and his and hers" 

Asanda Sizani

 As I was browsing through the deliciously provocative skattiewhatareyouwearing  blog the other day I came across these two amazing shots of Asanda Sizani. Can I just say that I can spot this girl's high cheek bones and impeccable style from a mile a way? She is fast becoming one of my favourite people in the African fashion industry and I mean these two pictures gives one an idea as to why she's on my cool-o-meter. But is it not enough that she has one of the best jobs in the world (Fashion Editor at Elle Magazine SA ) and landed herself a cameo in Solange's Losing You video last year? No, to top it off she has an amazing sense of dress that make the rest of us fashion-commoners feel a little white-washed, a little lacking.
No worries though, I see this high waisted frock-of-amazingness and I'm setting an appointment with my Chinese seamstress asap because, well - 'me I also want'.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Winter, come now.


Lazy Oaf

Something Else

Rag n Bone

"Winter, come now" is the phrase that comes to mind when I see bomber jackets this cool on the net (my current obsession oystermag to be more specific). There's a certain amount of swagg that can only be evoked once the temperature drops and the leaves start to  fall, I believe these jackets and such like are a central factor to that swagg (and yes I just used "swagg" twice in one sentence). 

Supper Time

Two for one pasta evening at La Trattoria, Grahamstown. 
I went with a friend (Hi Faye!) this past Tuesday and the pasta was and is so very good. So very very good. 

"I wear what I want"

Sunday, 3 March 2013

D'vine Wednesday

Good food, the best company and a divine cafe. Wednesday was a Godsend. 

Nasty Gal x Oyster Mag

Oyster Mag is an online magazine that I am currently obsessed with. It possesses everything I am interested in namely, fashion, beauty, television and music and it showcases these in a youthful, edgy and comfortably cool way. 
One of their recent editorials is the one above which features various items from Nasty Gal clothing in a 'sport-luxe-meets-girl-don't-care' inspired shoot. 
I never thought I would ever get into sportswear but I see the beauty in it now, and there are a pair of New Balance sneaker's in a nearby Grahamstown store that are slowly etching out a place in my heart and will soon etch out a hole in my bank account: and I'm fine with that.