Monday, 28 November 2011


Exams are over!I can't believe it, really. Words cannot describe how happy I am, I think a vintage Madonna song and music video will suffice here (: (: (:

The dance moves they're pulling in this video I would pull too (if I had the flexibility and energy).
But its such a jam!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Watch the Throne.

Dakota and Elle Fanning for Vogue US (August 2011). I know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the baddest sisters in the fashion game right now, but I feel like these two are closely eyeing that chair of royalty, waiting for the perfect time to strike.
It's just a thought though.

One exam left. Then I hit the pub.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I'm almost done with exams, and they are just not ending -- I don't think you understand ,they Do Not Want To End. Two exams and it seems like its taking two light-years for them to pass.
So when I'm in the throngs of academic Armageddon, pictures like this get me a little emotional. The word 'beautiful' is an offensive understatement, I'm not sure where this dress is from but I'll find out and you better believe that this dress (and the grace of God himself) will be the only thing keeping me motivated.
Until next time - gotta get back to the books (gag).

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Laughing really is a cure to a corpus of sins and sorrows, I like to think of myself as a deep and slightly philosophical person - hence - laughter doesn't come as often as it should [though I feel many of my close friend would beg to differ]. My goal this week? Laugh as much I can, make others laugh, laugh at myself - just laugh!
Join me please? (:

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I still want them.

Its been a while since they hit the streets, but I pine after them.
And not just some cheap rendition - the real thing.

Friday, 18 November 2011


A few months ago I went to lunch with a friend of mine (S/O to Phekz!lol), he had on this very nice sweatshirt, it was grey, with a "2 bop" coin graphic in the front, it was different, it was urban, it was cool ...I liked it but - like a fool - I let it slide and didn't give the shirt any attention, all I thought was "he's from Cape Town, he's probably surrounded by cool stuff like that all the time".

  Little did I know that this sweatshirt belonged to one of the hippest South African labels around, ladies and gentlemen... 2 -freakin - bop!
With hella creative graphics and logos inspired by home-town corner shop arcade games "2bop" (which is an Afrikaans term for twenty cents, the amount you'd put into an arcade game back in the day) has actually just blown my freakin' mind away, its not just the amazing clothes though - its the sheer creativity! The thing is right...clothes are supposed to tell a story, they're supposed to prompt a dialogue between the item and the potential buyer and when it comes to this label - it speaks volumes to me. That, and I love whoever is behind the current lookbooks and campaigns because they are also properly African, and they represent a generation of South Africans and Africans who have a fetish for skinny jeans, gold emblazoned 90's inspired accessories, flat caps, high tops and urban gear endemic to their hoods and arcade games ... and boy, do I like that.

Here are some of my favourite items:

Now you know what I want for Christmas (:

Peeped At: 2BOP Site (Go check it out now)

I'm not over them.

Maybe when they stop looking so drop dead gorgeous - maybe then I'll get over them.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Reincarnation of Cool

If you don't know Nick Wooster. You're not living.

Photoshoot with Style Icon NICK WOOSTER from Matt Barnes on Vimeo.

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Zara in Southern Africa

Can I get a whoop whooop?! If you're not the ghetto "wooping" kind then I think a round of applause would suffice - ladies and gentlemen, South Africa has itself its very first Zara store!
Now I know today is 11/11/11 (and it's a Friday) and, apparently, it's a day of miracles but this week's Zara opening was a little bit of miracle in itself wasn't it? Let me elaborate.

I believe that the opening of this amazing, trendy, innovative and (lest we forget) affordable store attests to the fact that South Africa (and the greater Southern African region) is on the precipice of a huge foreign fashion investment take over, Zara is the brave guinea pig and I predict it will find huge success, and with success comes more investors and with more investors comes more stores for you and I. Do I hear the pitter-patter of Topshop and H&M footsteps headed this way?? I think so!

Some may think I'm being overly optimistic here, sue me, I'm happy the world is beginning to recognise us for things other than our shoddy politics and high mortality rates - and besides - it's 11/11/11, ridiculous amounts of happiness are warranted today :)

I was unable to go the grand opening that went down in Sandton, Johannesburg this week (Grahamstown?Sandton Joburg?exactly) but luckily my favourite local  bloggers Miss Milli and Tee Tee popped in and took a look around.

Are you excited? I'm excited.

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Jourdan Dunn for iD

Jourdan Dunn for iD Magazine's winter issue. Is it just me or is there a vintage late seventies/early eighties feel to this cover? Either way, a-flippin-mazing.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...

I love heels, now, let me clear something up here; I am five foot ten (which is about 1.79m) so - technically - some may say I don't really need heels, some may say flats, pumps and kitten heels will do me just fine, some may even go as far as to say that 5 inches will do nothing but make me look like a hulking giant. To the people who ascribe to these kinds of beliefs, my short reply is,'re all speaking a load of hogwash.

Just because I may tower over people on a regular basis doesn't mean that I am absolved from the pleasures of heel wearing.

For example, the ASOS Tridant Leather and Wood Platform Shoe boot, 5.9 inches, block heel, platformed - a gift from God Himself.

Would I, on the grounds of height and an apparent obligation to flats, stop myself from indulging in this nearly six inched material pleasure? I think not.

Happy Sunday all (:

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nick Holder x Zaki Ibrahim

I don't know if it was the song that first caught my attention, or if it was the beautiful way in which the video was put together. The genius of this video lies in the beauty of Zaki's outfit (a bow-tie, what a move!), the acrid charm of the township, and the edge of the black and white pictures --- both the song and video are "growing into my heart".

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Haberdashgirl's list of 'Good' and 'Not Good': 

Dapper? Good
Narcissism? Not Good
Kind heartedness? Good
Solipsism? Not Good.
Humility? Good.
Egocentricity? Not Good
Kindness? Good
Mean-Spiritedness? Not Good

Clothes are a lot of things to me, but a flawless fashion sense can never hide a cankered soul. 

Being good never hurt anyone - lets all try be stylish yet decent people. You dig?