Saturday, 30 April 2011


Putting up pretty pictures and telling you about how they make me feel is really nice - but I feel like its about time I let you into my personal life. I'm not just an unabashed fashion junkie; im also a student, living in South Africa (Grahamstown) studying psychology, I aim to one day be the ultimate triple threat - a jimmy choo wearing brain picking fashion sav with a world renound blog - KAZOW! :)
Last week my friend's and I went to Port Alfred; a beach town on the coast of the Eastern Cape, the sun was out, the (very good looking) surfers were..surfing, the boxed wine was open (yes, boxed wine) - it really was a perfect day. I learnt quite a bit that day, firstly, that one should never drink boxed wine, secondly, that walking in beach sand is extremely tiring and thirdly, that the world really is just a breathtakingly beautiful place that shouldnt b taken for granted - oh and i also learnt that people can get pretty loud and a tad violent when drunk but yeah, I guess I should've known!lol.

Thats me trying to pull some pose - dont ask!lol!

These lovely pics were taken by my good friend Dudu (aka 'D') - thanks a mil!

Friday, 29 April 2011


Its the royal wedding today, I'm ridiculously excited and slightly jealous - lets see what I would wear if I was Kate (a girl can dream).
Either I'd go vintage...

This is beyond

Or i'd go a tad wild.

Or I'd do a vintage
gone wild like Nicole.

mmm yeah, loving it.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Its the rays of warmth that hit your skin, open your pores and prepare you for another day, its the equally warm hues radiating from the garnished gardens and walls - nature waving its follower filled hand, saying hello. Its the taste of cold against hot, its the R25 wayfer shades you bought from that man on High Street, its the pleather glads you cling to, its the sunblock you forget, its the sun-tan you hate, its the warm nights laying on cool blankets sipping on cheap wine, its the short dresses (that cause the headturns), its the daisies in your hair and the thin lace on your skin, its the late sun sets and the memorable sunshine and the unforgettalbe, tepid memories still brewing at the forefront of your mind - keeping your heart warm.
And these are the various things that I will miss about it.

Monday, 25 April 2011


I'm soooooooo happy right now. And so is she.
More serious posts will be coming your way but for now - let me just be silly :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011


I have had a four day long weekend - and i'm as happy as a clam :)
However i believe this photo of Mary Kate Olsen (i still cant tell her sister and her apart) encapsulates the kind of nonchalant, couldnt-care-less attitude im currently revelling in.
Happy Easter everyone.
God bless :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm into cool things - those things that are brazenly hip, that make you want to be different and audacious - those things that have that "POW!" factor. Well i think i have found another one of those things this week.
Pronounced "laud (the verb) me (the pronoun)" this brand was started by a young New York native by the name of Natalie Thompson who designs all the clothes herself, the photos i've chosen are from the Laudme Spring/Summer 2011 "Peep Show" collection which include bright coloured t-shirts and tanks with artwork inspired by 1930's and 40's pin up girls - "They take it off so you dont have to".
Edgy, youthful and (obviously) cool - Laudme has many going wild, for good flippin' reason.

You like? Go to Laudme's official site

Monday, 18 April 2011


At the end of June I'm getting a weave - it will be my first weave ever and many tell me that I will never be able to turn back after that.
I defy that statement.
One day my hair will be this short and I WILL look this cool.
oh yeah, before i forget, these equally undeniably cool clothes are from a brand called Culture Call whom Agyness Deyn is the face of - but, i mean, come on guys - she is a living testimony that people like me can have a boyish haricut and still look human, more than human in fact!

Okay so...u cant see her hair in this photo - its still a gr8 pic tho :)

Want the cut - and the outfit!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


From the dust, decay and a putrid hopelessness of refugee camps to the gloss, glamour and allure of the runway Angelique "Ajak" Deng has seen it all and the fashion community all over the world currently can't get enough of her.
And neither can I!
This six foot (yes, you heard right, six foot) beauty has the lips of a Jolie and legs for days, but, above that, Ajak has a magnetism, her beauty pulls and tugs at camera lenses and produces pictures that are beyond beautiful, BEYOND! Now a Sudanese Australian living in New York she is - literally - gracing the covers of Vogue and I-D and adding that lovely Sudanese flavour-flave to editorials the world over.
You have just GOT to love her.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

i stumbled upon a gem

so they are was...looking at various pictures on my current absolute FAV website fashion gone rogue when i stumbled upon this AMAZING vogue editorial shoot - think EDGE taken to another level, another flippin' stratosphere! But then again its more than just edge, there is a great sense of sophistication to the outfits, and in other pictures theres also a great sense of if a ballerina suddenly fell in love with the idea of becoming a dominatrix (it sounds crazy i know). yeah...its like that. I love it, i love abbey lee kershaw and the aesthetic she adds to the pics and i thought it would be completely sinful not to share these gems with you all.
Enjoy :)
Photographer: Hedi Slimane (who is sooo cool)
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Stylist: Sarah Richardson
From: Russian Vogue April 2011

You see what I was saying about the ballerina-dominatrix?or was i just being weird?

Friday, 15 April 2011


Photographer: Chris Saunders
edited by: me :) aka Sabu

Sorry I haven't been able to fully update you on more fashion week favs this week - how do they say? "back to school, back to reality"? Yeah well, thats partly why I've been so slow.
But fear not!
I can't wait to show you some of the SPECTACULAR peices the Spring/Summer fashion show yeilded this year, top top class peices with that lovely hint of 'made -in-Africa'. Okay lets jump straight in!

'Mantsho' is a Sotho name which I am totally inadquate to properly translate but according to the creator of the brand (Palesa Mokubung) it means "brutally black" and explains the roots of a young black woman. Palesa explains the Mantsho woman as one who is "hard but very soft, sexual, edgy but uniform and perfectly African" - this season Mantsho encapsulates that sexy, edgy yet home-grown ideal with form fitting dresses, shweshwe materials, killer shoes and originative makeup and hairstyles.

I like this label because the Mantsho woman is one of all sizes,
she is the everyday woman you know?

I think these peices are really cool and I love the fact that traditional African material is used in such an innovative way (like the pic above) BUT though this was a good show there is one specific show I believe would  HAVE to be one of my ABSOLUTE favourites so far...

Kepi, Sebu, Floyd and Thabo - four Soweto natives whose main aim is to peirce through that curtain of mediocrity with their outlandish and unconventional pieces. There fight against blandness and conformity is evident with their cool yet VERY different take on ...everything.
I just think they are so cool - and right now, my life's aim is to one day work for them.
I'm such a fan.