Sunday, 18 May 2014

What color is love? | Abby Ross

Long time no see!
I thought that it was best I start the post with that phrase, you know, something casual and un-emotive. Because after 6 weeks of absence I don't want to begin my first post with an overly dramatic epilogoue about how hard school is and how sorry I am and how I currently have no life - you all know these things, I just want to get to the fun stuff!
But Masters is hard hey? Yoh. But I digress. Onto fun things:

Abby Ross seems to be the elusive super photographer who graces our tumblr feeds with the most amazing pictures and then disappears. It's always the 'elusives' that interest me the most and perhaps they also warrant a little bit more respect; they are not invested in a society so caught up in who one is and what one looks like beyond the talent one possesses. Abby's not here for that, she wants to take good pictures and she does that perfectly.

Mrs. Jones

Her name is Felicity Jones. She was the girl in Like Crazy. I have watched Like Crazy about seven hundred times for many reasons - her face being one of them.