Friday, 28 September 2012

STR CRD 2012

STR CRD 2012. Johannesburg, 27th - 30th September. Be there, I'll be here in Grahamstown wishing I could disapparate between places, Harry Potter style. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Travel Etiquette

This is a preview video of Travel Etiquette: Luanda. A sneak peak at the full length video Street Etiquette will be releasing about their stay in Luanda, Angola. This preview video for me is super special, not only because it is made well but it documents the proper way a person should travel. The 'traveler' doesn't stay cooped up in their five+ star hotel, the traveler explores, socialises and tries their best to immerse themselves in the everyday culture and lifestyle of the people.
 It is only in the naturalised setting of a place that you really learn, you know, out on the streets.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Late Week Jam x Twice

I am sure so many people are already so irritated with me for retelling this story so many times but I am going to tell it again! So there I am at Live Music Night (held every Wednesday at Olde's 65 here in pretty Grahamstown) chilling with my friend and sipping on my drank when my very very talented friend Dani Bouwler goes up for her set and dedicates this track to me. I was too excited.  And it's been stuck in my head ever since.  
It's nice having songs dedicated to oneself - people should do it more often. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NY x 3

Three collections that have emerged out of New York these past few months that I love.

Number One: Duro Olowu

Number Two: Rag n Bone

Number Three: Jil Sander Navy

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Georgie Badiel x Mambu Bayoh

Photographer Mambu Bayoh of "staysuckfree" and model Georgie Badiel.

Where I Should Have Been

I'm glad they came. I am only just getting into them now so I am happy for the all the hard-core Little Dragon fans who finally got to see them live and I'm also happy for the groupies who only went because all the cool kids were going. I'm sure everyone had a real good time :)
Oh and what was I doing on Sunday instead? Typing up a Psychology Portfolio. Fun Times.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Match Made

So my favourite magazine (Elle Magazine South Africa) has paired up with my favourite person. I could die of happiness. The Elle team kept Solange's Cape Town arrival a secret until last week when the news broke on Twitter and Facebook. Did I not re-tweet almost every Solange-in-Cape-Town or Solange-Elle-SA related tweet I could find?? Yes, I almost did. She is being featured in the magazine's November issue and honestly I think there should be a nation wide consensus to skip the month of October so we can just get our hands on what is bound to be one of the best issues Elle has released. 
I was so tempted to take a bus to Cape Town and camp outside her hotel but...logistics and, of course, dignity. 

How I Feel Today

Its my birthday snitches!!!Today I turn twenty one, and I've spent most of this morning jumping between shock, hopeless nostalgia and crazy happiness. Birthdays are awesome, I love it when people (close friends, randoms, acquaintances, family, frenemies) take time out in their day to wish you happiness or blessings, it makes me feel so damn special! I posted on my tumblr recently how I remember my twelfth birthday like it was yesterday...and now I'm four years away from twenty five! Okay I'm done with nostalgia,  right now I feel like Ron Swanson drunk off Snake Juice. If anyone knows where I can get a real bottle of the stuff - let me know :)
Oh and Beyonce, if your reading this - happy 31st birthday.