Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Frequenters of this blog know I absolutely love Maki Oh and the latest collection is a telling testament as to why. With rich prints and textiles as well as a wonderfully struck balance between African aesthetic and modern edge - Maki Osakwe has, once again, created some seriously covet-worthy pieces. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Fall Favorites

A few of my favorites from this season's (Fall 2014) shows.
1) Chalayan 

2) Barbra Casasola

3) Valentino

4) The Row

5) A. Detacher

And last but not least...
This whole thing over at Givenchy. 

Which shows stood out for you? 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Living Pictures | Hilary Sloane Photography

Hilary Sloane (also known as Hilary Faye) is an Australian illustrator and designer who creates collages by editing and cutting pictures she finds in National Geographic magazines. She manages to tamper with the aesthetic of her pictures in imaginative, almost wild  but always beautiful ways. She has gone one step further with some of her other work by making them compressed image files (or 'gifs'), adding an even more surreal quality to the already hypnagogic images. I initially saw her work on tumblr and immediately reblogged it, I did this because I loved what I saw but also because her pictures are so cleverly constructed that they tend to give life to whatever platform they're presented on. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Solange x Puma Girls of Blaze

Lets ignore the fact that this happened over a month ago (and I'm subsequently only posting about it now...ahem) and lets, instead, celebrate the fact that it actually happened, yes? Solange proves - yet again- that she is more than just a singer but an artist/creator with expansive, wonderful ideas that we can now wear with the Puma 'Girls of Blaze' collection. I guess the only way we can truly appreciate this new project is by being aware of the history behind it:  the original Puma DiscBlaze is known as one of the iconic running shoes of the early nineties; created back in 1991, it was Puma's first laceless sneaker that used a nifty disc or 'closure unit' that one would twist to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable feel.

Solange's new 'Girls of Blaze' collection is a clear nod to the iconic Blaze original, moreover, as the new creative director at Puma she collaborated with three of her favourite designers, William Okpo, Hisham Baroocha and Gerlan Jeans to make four wonderful designs, each with enough modern edge to appeal to all of us and the right amount of nineties nostalgia to pay proper homage to the originals. Until now the DiscBlaze has been made only for men, making this a breakthrough project for Puma, Solange and all of us ladies as well.  I personally love these shoes; some may find them overwhelmingly eclectic but I think the design is vibrant and fun - my favourite pair is definitely the Disc Rainbows. Lets hope local Puma stores get their hands on these jewels sometime soon (make it happen Universe). Peep some pictures from the ad campaign below and take a look at the actual sneakers further down.

In other news, helllo everybody! Its good to be blogging again, school has been hectic...naturally (*rolls eyes here*), but I'm going home for vac soon and I can't wait to get some much needed R&R, I hope you are all doing well and making the best of the summer (aside: Stellenbosch girls have no fear for booty shorts - which I revere and respect greatly - but its so hot over here that a girl might have to get herself a pair soon).


(Disc Rainbows - Willam Okpo)

(Disc Dolphins - Hisham Baroocha)

(Disc Tire - Gerlan Jeans).