Thursday, 27 November 2014

Assembly | Revisited

Remember this? Assembly SS15. It was boyish, fun, it was all black and then it was all white (and then wonderfully monochrome). It was basically perfect. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pop'Africana || The Return

I was so excited when Oroma announced the return of the wonderful Pop'Africana. Originally a bi-annual print magazine, Pop'Africana aims to illustrate the contemporary African experience and offers an alternative to the overarching perception of African life, art, fashion and general creativity that has become somewhat archaic. I love it because it is beautiful, modern and personal and therefore serves as a refreshing point of reference for creative African empiricism.

The print version can be bought here

Monday, 17 November 2014

Solange | Sanctified Slayage

This past weekend one my favorite human beings, Solange Knowles, married long-term boyfriend Alan Ferguson. We didn't know what to expect (because she is Solange and everything she does is both amazing and unexpected) and then late last night the official wedding pictures were released and everywhere the hearts of heavy-bearded, hippie men broke (because their hipster queen was officially, really unavailable). And now I believe women  are beginning  to rethink their stance on the ideal wedding dress(es) - which we have now learnt can come in the form of a wonderful cream, plunging neckline jumpsuit accompanied by a cape-from-the-gods.
We basically bore witness to sanctified, matrimonial slayage. And we were never ready.
(p.s. Excuse the extensive use of alliteration in my title - it just kind of happened and I couldn't stop myself)