Sunday, 20 February 2011

The L.A.M.B provides fashion's last supper

My first blog :) yay me! Well since part of this cyber-diary is about Haberdashery - and for those of u who don't know what that is, its another name I use for Fashion- it only seems appropriate that I start us off with alittle haberdash ;)

L.A.M.B (which I love) was the last big fashion name to grace the glossed cat walks at the recent New York Fashion Week providing fashion lovers with the last rations, glimpses and taste of the latest trends - this is what I'd like to call NY fashion week's last supper.
Personally I adore the play on themes, colours and materials that Gwen and her team created; from Urban Reggae to Rocker Chic, it was a mixed masala of hot new trends and a tribute to timeless old fashion styles I don't think we'll ever get over.
 L.A.M.B sure did bring out the big guns for this one, making the last big fashion show... one heck of a meal.

Preppy girl meets leather!

Love the dress...the hat...ja well...I love the dress!

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