Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Nyane Lebajoa.

I'm somewhat of an internet addict (my university net quota will most definitely attest to that) - in the midst of all sorts of academic nihilism I am still able to find the coolest things on my current substitute boyfriend that is the world wide web.
But did my sub. boyfriend not find me a gem recently?
Two gems actually, they go by the names of Nyane and Mpho Lebajoa - and they're two of the coolest bloggers around.

Mpho Lebajoa.
I love their vintage, 90's punk meets -grunge- meets- cool look and feel; its extremely refreshing to see people take current trends and (successfully) add their own authentic yet fashion-forward spin to them.
Mpho and Nyane - two girls I'm happy to have on my blogroll.
Okay let me get back to work (gag) - you stick around and look at the cool photos!*

Soundtrack To My Life: Coldplay - Major Minus

ps. last weekend's Coldplay concert was EPIC!will try and post some pictures (I'm pathetic though...there are probably about five in total!) as soon as I can!


  1. I love it ! just urbanized chic, with that vintage feel.