Friday, 18 November 2011


A few months ago I went to lunch with a friend of mine (S/O to Phekz!lol), he had on this very nice sweatshirt, it was grey, with a "2 bop" coin graphic in the front, it was different, it was urban, it was cool ...I liked it but - like a fool - I let it slide and didn't give the shirt any attention, all I thought was "he's from Cape Town, he's probably surrounded by cool stuff like that all the time".

  Little did I know that this sweatshirt belonged to one of the hippest South African labels around, ladies and gentlemen... 2 -freakin - bop!
With hella creative graphics and logos inspired by home-town corner shop arcade games "2bop" (which is an Afrikaans term for twenty cents, the amount you'd put into an arcade game back in the day) has actually just blown my freakin' mind away, its not just the amazing clothes though - its the sheer creativity! The thing is right...clothes are supposed to tell a story, they're supposed to prompt a dialogue between the item and the potential buyer and when it comes to this label - it speaks volumes to me. That, and I love whoever is behind the current lookbooks and campaigns because they are also properly African, and they represent a generation of South Africans and Africans who have a fetish for skinny jeans, gold emblazoned 90's inspired accessories, flat caps, high tops and urban gear endemic to their hoods and arcade games ... and boy, do I like that.

Here are some of my favourite items:

Now you know what I want for Christmas (:

Peeped At: 2BOP Site (Go check it out now)

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