Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Cool: Speaking Pixels

"Whether we know it or not, everything we do and say, and even what we choose to wear, express something about who we are...As creatives and committed believers in all things both beautiful and inspirational, we've created Speaking Pixels to communicate concpets and ideas that speak to the message of individual experience. Our vision is to reorient people towards beauty, illuminate goodness in the midst of a world that at times seems broken, and honor the wonder that exists in day to day life" - Speaking Pixels Manifesto

This is a quote from the manifesto posted on their website, I decided to quote a large part of it because I honestly can't find the proper words to describe how I feel about this plethora of creative coolness. It literally blows my mind. I no longer need to seek inspiration. I have found it.





  1. you are right! It really is inspirational. Thanks for posting this


  2. I love their photography. And the quote/mission statement is so relevant for today.