Saturday, 9 March 2013

Winter, come now.


Lazy Oaf

Something Else

Rag n Bone

"Winter, come now" is the phrase that comes to mind when I see bomber jackets this cool on the net (my current obsession oystermag to be more specific). There's a certain amount of swagg that can only be evoked once the temperature drops and the leaves start to  fall, I believe these jackets and such like are a central factor to that swagg (and yes I just used "swagg" twice in one sentence). 


  1. Such prettiness! The Rag n Bone one almost reminds me of something I have in my shop. Seriously though, I want all of these... Who needs a second arm or leg anyway?

  2. my sentiments exactly! speaking of your store, I have just sent you an email regarding a few possible buys. Do read it when you have the time :)