Friday, 18 May 2012

You must know that I have only ever been to New York once before so I didn't really know where to go, and even if I did I hardly knew how to get there, insert Lisa Brown: fellow tutor/advisor to the team,New York enthusiast and 'missions co-ordinator'. We basically wanted to go to the same places and see the same things the only difference is she knew how to get there, so in essence I was just Sabu Mdee: excited, benevolent follower!

We 'missioned' to The Met one morning and just...sat. It was spring so the blossoms were out, the sky was clear and the breeze was crisp and fresh. I was having a semi-existential moment, you know, reflecting on life and how amazing it was that this kid from Lesotho was sitting on the steps of the Met building in New York City, New York. My existential moment was cut short because, honeslty,  we were hungry and though the Met was amazing there were other super-amazing things waiting our arrival that day. Like Soho.

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