Monday, 20 May 2013

When the light hit all the right places

You know those Friday nights when you eat Doritos for supper and take a million selfies? No? Really? Well okay, I'm not ashamed to say that sometime this year (maybe two weeks ago) I ate Doritos for supper and took a million selfies, because selfies are fun and self indulgent and Doritos are probably healthier than Kfc's deep fried chips (that night's alternative) and in my life Doritos, like bacon, are a food group (or a semi food group).

So this picture was a result of one self-timer-selfie gone wrong...but gone weirdly right, right? 


  1. I like this. Is it a webcam selfie? I'm still working on getting mine just right ;)

  2. There's always time for selfies. Some self-love. We love happy accidents.

  3. It's a camera selfie Nkhensani - Nikon Coolpix s2600 or as I'd like to call her, Mindy Lahiri jnr ;)
    My thought's exactly Nomali! Self love is good love :)