Monday, 20 June 2011


Never mind wallowing in the shadows of your older sibling's glistening spotlight - Elle Fanning has told that shadow to go jump!Elle, younger sister of seventeen year old Dakota Fanning (yes you heard me, seventeen!), is creating her own little success story having landed a number of  modelling editorials for magazines such as Interview, Marie Claire and Blackbook. Many people argue that she is way too young to be modelling - well, what would you choose? Being an average thirteen year old (whose greatest excitement in life is junior school socials - woop.) or being drapped in the most beautiful clothes by the most influential people in the world?Excuse me but normativity seems to pale in comparison to that - no matter what age you are.

are they sure she's thirteen though?she looks my age. just saying:)

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  1. I really like/am jealous of her…

    xoxx Monica