Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Note to Self (and others).

It shames me to be posting after soooooo long. The lack of posting can be attributed to a number of things, a lack of sufficient internet technology (waves to Lesotho), a lack of money for internet cafes (yeah, its been that bad), and just plain old laziness (*hangs head in shame*). The past few weeks have been amazing, catching up with friends, family, tv, good novels (and of course trashy ones).
One of my favourite bloggers, Milli Bongela once said a holiday isnt really a holiday without gaining some perspective and some weight, and I have to say I agree with her. These past seven or so weeks have made me realise a lot of things.

a. You can never get tired of watching the Kardashians no matter how much you hate them
b. You can never  watch too much Fashion TV
c. Excersise is fun when blasting Beyonce's "Run the World" or Drake's "The Motto" (it makes the squats easier)
d. London's Dry Gin and orange juice is a simple, humble yet awsomely fulfilling beverage
e. Some friends will come and go, and others will come and - no matter what happens or how much you change - stay forever.

Some of these revelations, I admit, are horribly shallow but I'm only twenty years old - I think the "aha! moments" are yet to come.

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