Friday, 24 May 2013

Random Access Memories | This is not a music review

The last time this band released an album I was a skinny (insert deep nostalgic sigh) thirteen year old, interested in nothing and no one but Beyonce (but round about this time Destiny’s Child had re-united and I was avidly memorising the dance moves to “Lose My Breath”) never mind two French men in robot suits making disco inspired dance music.

Fast forward to eight years later.

2013: Obama starts his second term, Beyonce performs at the Superbowl, John Galliano re-appears from his hiatus and Random Access Memories. 
Random Access Memories is not only the name of Daft Punk’s new album but it denotes a specific period in time when the world (well at least my world and the world’s of others who have any good taste in music) was treated to the musical return of one of the most enigmatic duos music has come across (I mean, we don’t even know what these guys look like).  This album is fun and groovy (really there’s no other word) but also somber and introspective;  when I listen to it I vacillate between an aching heart and an enthusiastic two step. I know there have been very mixed reviews about Random Access Memories but in my humble opinion,  I felt it was honest,  intimate and deeply moving.

If I have to wait another eight years for such then, hell, so be it! 

Highly recommended tracks: Give Life Back to Music, The Game of Love, Within, Lose Yourself to Dance, Get Lucky, Beyond. 


  1. I don't actually know much about Daft Punk beyond "One More Time"- not least because of that *hilarious Idols auditionee rendition a few years back. I like "Get Lucky" because- let's be honest- I like Pharrel- but this post makes me want to actually listen to the entire album. Cool. :)

  2. nice to see you're keeping up the good work! like your mens articles as well! I love the new daft punk album, especially this song (which I put on my blog a couple of times since it was leaked on youtube) and Giorgio by Moroder song is pretty good too!

    oh, and I hope you remember me, or better said my blog :)

    good luck!

  3. Nkhensani: I highly recommend that you get to know them (Daft Punk), you won't regret it!
    Andrei: Of course I remember your blog! Thank you, and yes Giorgio is an awesome song - happy blogging :)