Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Kings of Sartor | Art Comes First

Personally, menswear (especially smart wear) has always been about two things: co-ordination and fit. If you can thoughtfully co-ordinate your outfit and make it seem like tiny tailoring-fairies immaculately sowed it on your body then you've done well, chap.

I have recently learned however that my rule of two is, if not flawed, then slightly lacking. This week I was schooled by the kings of social sartorialism Art Comes First who released their recent project titled, "The Discplines of Dressing". These short films teach men (and women) about the subtle intricacies of menswear and although the premise of these films is to show others the various rules of style this collective adheres to, I  believe that they are also disclosing a few golden secrets about the well-dressed-gentleman. They call them the "Disciplines of Dressing" and I call them "How To Go From 'Nice' to 'Daaaammmnnn' ".  Its a fitting title.

Check out part one and two of the six-part film below (and for more click here ).

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