Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Chelsea Bravo x Kojey Radical

You know when something is so beautiful you're sort of beside yourself with excitement? That was me a few nights ago when I discovered Chelsea Bravo - a London based men's wear fashion house. The label's namesake and founder, Chelsea Bravo, is a woman who aims to make clothes that challenge the conventions of contemporary menswear.
The collection I'm blogging about today (the one I'm going slightly manic over) is her recent capsule collection called 'The Gardener' on which she collaborated with artist/poet Kojey Radical. According to Chelsea this is an experimental collection "based on painter, canvas and garden utilitarian work wear"; uhm... how garden utilitarian work wear could inspire such a wonderful collection and beautiful lookbook, I will never know. But thank God I'm not in the business of knowing how these things come about, my job is to simply show you the pretty things when they are made...I'm sort of an aesthetic harbinger like that.

Also take a listen to Kojey Radical spit some of his lyrical wordsmith-isms on a track from his recent EP 'Dear Daisy: Opium' (which coincided wonderfully with the release of Chelsea's capsule collection). 

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