Friday, 27 July 2012

A 21st

completely aware that someone's trying to take a picture of me, I try to hide my face 'on a sly'. 

Who came up with the idea of celebrating birthdays? Celebrating the beginning of a brand new life, a new being, a new mind into the world? I don't know. But we must give them thanks because it is due to them that, when the twenty first birthday of a close friend arrives we are able to wipe the dust off the six inch heels we never wear, iron the prostitute-like black mini dress our mothers don't know we own and apply that ruby red lipstick we never thought would see the light of day, or the artificial light of night. I did all this a month ago, all in celebration of a dear friend's coming of age - a friend who gets my very weird, very wacky ways.
She is the girl who seems to be taking a picture of you in the last photo.
This girl is epic, and so was her birthday dinner...and the party afterwards.

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  1. The camera that was used + the talented person who was behind it = amazing photos of what looks to have been a night filled with love and fun :)