Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Out and About

It feels so good to post again and wipe off the virtual dust that had settled on this blog. I am excited to share the wonderful, beautiful things I've managed to find over the past couple of months. You will notice that many of these posts revolve around African art, culture and African-inspired fashion which is something that I have taken to recently.

As both a sign of maturation (I turned a year older since the last time I blogged by the by *flicks hair* ) and as a growing interest I am starting to find that I am less intrigued by the 'whats-what' of popular (read: Western) fashion houses, music or literature. Instead I have become more invested in discovering and sharing content with a home-grown, African aesthetic. It's all very exciting and new for me.
I'm also going to try my hand at an opinion piece, why? I'm not entirely sure - I'm simply keen to try it and see what the response is. But also maybe because I just like things.

These are a few pictures that were taken while my dear friend (whom you all know very well by now) Dudu came for a visit and we were loitering around town - as dear friends do.
Stellenbosch does this weird thing where it's pleasantly warm one moment and uncomfortably nippy the next so my outfit is slightly eclectic so as to accommodate equally eclectic weather patterns. Ha!



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