Tuesday, 20 December 2011

We Love to Vintage

So I found this picture when I had the complete fortune of getting a hold of the internet (what was once an every necessity is now a pined after privilege), I found it on missmilli's blog (if you want to find cool – go there) and I completely fell in love with the picture, it reminds me of the state I'm in when I  listen to Florence and the Machine (don't tell me you don't zone into some other state when you listen to that band) – old 'souled', antiquated yet vivacious, vintage and timeless. Okay let me not bore you with my flowery language.
I’m in Johannesburg (again), my sister is getting her ankle checked out and so I decided to tag along – hoping to meet up with a friend and...look at pretty clothes and pretty people.
I realise that, conventionally, the word 'vintage' is not a verb but an adjective - I thought it would be a cool (clearly unconventional) title (:
Hope you're all doing well.

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