Sunday, 6 May 2012

I always thought winter was my favourite season of the year but I must say, I have been quite melancholy about the death of our Southern Summer. Its May, which means that my time with sheer shirts and short-shorts is about to come to an end and, may I add, that it hasnt helped that I have seen countless Coachella pictures: insert amazing looking people in 40 degree weather wearing next to nothing (but, of course, the 'something' that they are wearing is hella stylish).
I looked at my wardrobe recently (after I gave it a good cleaning) and found a few summer pieces that didn't have their time to shine this season and have been relegated to the darkest wardrobe shelves, expected to fight the dust and moths until next time.
My mourning was cut short though, and it was done so by my recent (and veeery cool) online find a fashion friend which has a number of must have items for this season - items that now have me very excited about the cold months ahead and, of course, have had me completely forgetting about summer and it's trends. My love for the cold has been re-ignited, give me cable knits and snoods, leather and studs, denim and chambray, high tops and beanies; after all - what is a sheer shirt or short shorts in the face of all this? It is lacking my friend, lacking.

A few pics from fashion friend. If you like see more here - even if you don't like, just click.

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