Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jeez but Some People are Gorgeous.

Rise and shine good people! (well all my good people in the South that is, its only past eight in the morning down here!). Just thought I should start you guys off with a pretty face today :) World, this is Crystal Noreiga - a Trinadad and Tobago native (yes she's from 'thee eyelahnd'*insert carribean accent*) and winner of last year's Elite Model Look competition.
Don't you think she's gorge? I think she's gorge.
Hopefully we'll be seeing her at the New York Fashion Week which is in...less than 24 hours!
By the way I haven't slept yet, so if you're wondering why there are an unusual number of exclamation marks at the end of my sentences you should know that I'm currently high off of caffeine (!).
Have a great day xx


  1. Omg! Lovely pics!
    So pretty <33


  2. She is quite striking! has very strong features..

  3. she is gorgeous - i hope we get to see more of her in Magazines and on runways :) xx