Friday, 8 June 2012

If I Was A Rich Girl

If I had copious amounts of money, like the kind of money recent scam mail had reported I'd won, I think they claimed I had miraculously won around 900 000 pounds? Apparently my name was yeilded out of some random lucky draw, mmmmm...I believe in miracles and destiny but I also believe in corruption and scamming. And this was a clear example of the latter.
 So lets just say I really did win the close to one million pounds (about 11 million rands), what would I buy?
All of the pieces from the recent DKNY '13 Resort Collection. I kid you not.
I don't give DKNY much attention, I mean, Donna and her team are a-mazing there is no doubt about that but...I've never had much interest, until now that is.
They have all the things I am going crazy over right now (short of chambray), sheer shirts, button ups, two toned shirts, tuxedos, high waist pleated pants (pegged), point toe pumps (in pastel, neurtal or metallic colours), leather shorts and skirts.
So to the people that tried to scam me into thinking I was a millionare the other day, thank you, you have illucidated the painful fact that many of the things I want right now I can't have. Thank you very much. Sincerely, not so stupid but slightly bitter fashion/life/things blogger.

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