Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Match Made

So my favourite magazine (Elle Magazine South Africa) has paired up with my favourite person. I could die of happiness. The Elle team kept Solange's Cape Town arrival a secret until last week when the news broke on Twitter and Facebook. Did I not re-tweet almost every Solange-in-Cape-Town or Solange-Elle-SA related tweet I could find?? Yes, I almost did. She is being featured in the magazine's November issue and honestly I think there should be a nation wide consensus to skip the month of October so we can just get our hands on what is bound to be one of the best issues Elle has released. 
I was so tempted to take a bus to Cape Town and camp outside her hotel but...logistics and, of course, dignity. 


  1. Come stay with me and keep your dignity intact :D

  2. don't be suprised when I show up at your door step! :P