Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Coco Chanel | Noir

I love perfumes but my not-so-glamorous student lifestyle has me confined to cheap deodorants and magazine freebies (FML right?). Thanks to my lovely sister though I have two perfumes in my ownership which I absolutely love, namely,  Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Marc Jacob's Daisy, both very different and both extremely appealing. I thought I was satisfied until I came across Coco Chanel Noir;  the  new, third installment to the very limited Coco Chanel perfume collection. 
Chanel perfumer Christopher Sheldrake had this to say about the new addition, "Noir sits in its own space...we are careful not to launch a lot of fragrances - we choose to create scents that represents an era, not a passing fancy". I love Sheldrake's comment here, I see it as a subliminal statement to the rest of the perfume world, a way of saying "yes guys, we are better than you". 
Well if that is the case then I want to be better as well Christopher, I want to be better.

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