Saturday, 6 October 2012

The African Equivalent

Michelle Oberholzer, the mastermind behind the South African street style blog "Cinder & Skylark" and a regular on my blog-roll; Michelle, to me, is the African equivalent of Scott Schuman (also known as the 'The Sartorialist'). I know there are also very good local street style photographers who do what they do really well but I find that I gravitate more towards Michelle's work. What I appreciate most about Cinder & Skylark is that it doesn't showcase conventionally stylish people or even those who are 'on trend'. Michelle takes pictures of the fearless, she snaps those individuals whose outfits many times teeter on the thin line between ingenious and disastrous. She sees the crazy, the sexy and the uber cool, those a little less refined, a little rough around the edges, a whole lot more experimental and because of that a whole lot more beautiful.

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