Friday, 24 January 2014

Oh so Dior

Happy Friday everyone from partly cloudy but mostly bright and sunny Stellenbosch! I arrived here about two and half weeks ago and it's been quite an experience already. Somehow you always forget how hard it is to be new again; every friendly face you meet becomes some form of reassurance and some sign that you made the right decision and this is really where you're meant to be. That and the fact that I now have to start cooking for myself - verdict? So far I have probably burned more things than I've cooked but with time it'll all work itself out...right?

In other news I've been checking out some of the recent collections released for this Spring couture season and Dior is definitely a favourite. Their latest spring couture collection does represent a distinct move away from the masculine inspired suits and two pieces that characterized pre-fall 2014, but I always appreciate the lightness, the feminine-like blitheness and effortless movement so akin to a Dior item. That, and the wonderful white lazer-cut flared skirt that would go so well with my current box braids and this other pair of black shoes I have - ah well, a girl can dream.

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