Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why Not? x Dudu Luthuli Photography (Part One)

I've been holding on to these pictures for quite a while now, LTH is not a personal style blog but rather an amalgam of the things I like or find interesting. Also I really don't have enough clothes to be showing you guys what I wear all the time (true story...sad story). But it is always fun to play around with content that one doesn't usually gravitate towards.These shots were mostly taken because of my excitement over my new pink suede Nike sneakers (the fomo I - and maybe others - felt during last week's Air Max day probably deserves its own lengthy post lol) but a lot of the time Dudu (of Dudu Luthuli Photography) and I ended up experimenting with different locations and props.The aim of the post is to show the various ways one could wear a pair of sneakers and a knee length denim skirt and part one includes pairing these items with a cropped chiffon polka dotted blouse and arched gold necklace (and a high bun, which some might argue is an accessory in itself). Part II coming soon.

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