Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Fundiswa Ntoyi Photography

Hi all

I have recently used the precious free moments given to me to scour the internet for some interesting content and, as luck would have it, I came across the wonderful photographer Fundiswa Ntoyi. Having recently been featured on Yagazie's website (whom a post should be dedicated to, she is amazing), this is what Fundiswa had to say about her work:

"I not only try to focus on the beauty of the people in my pictures but also to capture their souls; be it happiness, sadness, fear, confidence, and so on. Whatever emotion I can get out of someone, I want it to show in my work. "

One of the reasons's why I love Fundiswa's work is exactly because of the evident depth of her pictures, they have really soulful quality to them and this  soulful aesthetic is useful as it ensures a reaction, feeling or response from the receiver and that feeling tends to stay with you  long after the image is gone. 
Surely that must be the prime goal of all good photographers? 

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