Tuesday, 17 May 2011


There are so many values, ideas and understandings around the notion of the "sexy woman" - its all quite tiring really. who is to say you (yes, you reading this post) are not sexy?who is to tell you just what you have to do to achieve that conventional idea of "sexiness"?Yeah, thats right - no one. And thats why I'd like to post pics of the androgynous woman. The adrogynous woman tells sexy to, basically, go to hell, she walks out in her seemingly unflattering clothing unabashed and unashamed, she knows who she is and where she is from; she understands that she owes the world nothing, she knows she is a woman and her womanhood can never be taken away from her - she acknowledges "sexy", she (to an extent) even understands "sexy", but , she wont ever bow down to its laws nor pay it any amount of adulation.
She is her own.



  1. I absolutely love this post!! Who runs the world!!? lol! Love your blog Sabu, beautiful work

  2. those are such kind words, thank you so much :) "vintage spillage" what an awesome name!