Thursday, 19 May 2011


Girls :)
Okay so if you know me well you know that I have been a big big big Beyonce fan for a very long time (I am proud to say that her and I were both born on the 4th of September - exacly ten years but please dont think I like her just becuase everyone else does, no, its simple really - she is the paragon boundary pusher; this new video, for example, will have many people thinking "Wow, okaaay, didnt expect that" but weeks later - those very same sceptics will be getting down to the very same jam! She comes up with stuff you thought you would never like and leaves you loving it - and that should be lauded.
As for her new video? Fashion, fashion, fashion - I am yet to find out the genius behind the white dress she is wearing as she stands with the chained hyenas (crazy i know - but i love it!) and as for those various gold get ups she is rocking and that black faux fur (?) vest she dons in the beginning - hot!Okay let me stop here before I get carried away with myself.
ps. for my fellow South Africans, does it not look like there was some kwaito inspired moves at the beginning??I think so.
Stunning.(who is the designer though?)

For your entertainment: The run the world teaser, edited really well - props to her team for such a good job.

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