Thursday, 12 May 2011


You know when you write down the "hundred things I need to do before I die" list?And you know when the twentieth or so goal is to "go to a coldplay concert" but even when you're writing this twenthieth goal down there is an inkling of doubt as to whether you would ever be able to because - at the time - it just seemed so impossible?
What if you found out that coldplay was ACTUALLY coming to your country to play in a city about ten or so hours away - what would you do?
Well I'm currently on the precipice of staging a local bank robbery - well not really, but Coldplay is coming to South Africa in October and i need to get my hands on a ticket before they run out!I've been hustling the WHOLE day - trying to figure out what to do, who to go with, how to get to Joburg (which is about sixteen hours away from Grahamstown by bus) how to get the money etc etc.
Pray for me - to whichever god you believe in - this time tommorow, i should have some semblance of a ticket!

For your entertainment: one of my favourite songs - Shiver; from one of their earlier albums Parachutes.


  1. I absolutely understand u.i'm coldaplay huuuuge fan.i love them,their music,their lyrics,everything!!!

  2. im glad someone understands how keen i am!i really love them and this is a once in a life time opportunity!hopefully everything works out *crossing fingers*