Sunday, 14 April 2013

Graduation Present

It's been almost a month since I last posted and I must apologise for that; it can be attributed to a number of things like the Easter Holiday and slightly shady internet connections to being super-super busy and not having enough to time sleep nevermind write on this lovely blog of mine. There has been one major change, well two changes since the last time I spoke to you; firstly I am University graduate (woooop wooop) and secondly I am proud new owner of an Apple ipad (what the whaaat?!).

I may or may not have balled my eyes out the night I got this from my family. 
This is where words fail me because grateful, ineffably happy, and suprised  don't really capture how I felt. 
We'll stick to those for now though.  


  1. Oh my (expletive!!!) Your family is the bomb! Lucky girl. Congrats on being a graduate! What were you studying?

  2. Congratulations on graduating!

    P.S.: Your family is *really good at this graduation present thing. I think I should pass them my details...


  3. Well deserved gift :) I'm experiencing just the right mixture of jealousy and happiness for you hahaha

  4. Thank you ladies! Nomali I am doing my Honours in Psychology :)

  5. We love it for the educated women. Go.