Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Room 54 x Dudu Luthuli Photography

She comes to visit, we're listening to Toro Y Moi and we're about to go eat. She starts taking photographs of my room and I make nothing of it; if you know Dudu you know she is always taking photos so...I carried on getting ready. About a month and half later a Facebook album is made based solely on my room and I'm completely shocked. The pictures are beautiful and I feel they perfectly capture the kind of person I am right now. 

It's in these moments, these seemingly routine moments when it feels like nothing is going on when amazing things are being made - thank you Dudu for reminding me of that. 

1 comment:

  1. Ah! She's a home-girl, as in she's from my town... Great-looking details! You have Daisy... Does it smell as glorious as I imagine? No, don't tell me.

    The shades peeking out of the accessory box look strikingly like my dearly departed favourite pair -- I will not cry.