Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Photographs: Chris Saunders found in
Edited by:Sabu Mdee
Label: Black Coffee
Theme: "Form-funcion-furniture"

So...while I was away last week (the events of which i will be sure to disclose very soon) the much much anticipated South African Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week started. It now remains a must that I showcase what some of my favourite designers have done so far.
Speaking of favourite designers, just the other day i was in one my retrospective-amateur-and-fleeting-philosophical moods while watching fashion t.v ; i was watching the collection belonging to someone who is supposedly my favourite designer to date and I just thought "what makes your favourite designer, you're favourite designer"? because, honestly speaking, its not like i absolutely adore everything my fav designers or labels come up with every season, sometimes, i'm just like the rest of the world and I think "Okaaaay, what the hell is that?" so why is it that I, like a moth to an opiate-flame, keep returning to them?

I'd like to believe that its because they are the ones that most help you understand; I didnt come into this whole fashion 'thing' knowing everything about it; but through Marc Jacobs, through Zac Posen and David Tlale, Kluk CDGT, Black Coffee, Stoned Cherrie and Vivienne Westwood I begin to see (not always immediately) the intricacies involved, the stories told and how they are told and, more simply, why a certain item or idea is a trend or not. They are my lecturers and I am the new keen ninteen year old student, sitting in the front row, scribbling it all down frantically, thirsty for a bit of knowledge. So right now, this week, we talk about the local fashion-miagi's; no they are not as renound as the Zac's and Viviennes of the world, but they inspire me just the same, and they confuse me, and they suprise me and - most importantly- teach me...and thats what matters.
So then, i present to you the first 'lesson', by Black Coffee. Having been missing from the SAFW runways for the past three seasons Black Coffee emerged with the alien-like theme of "Form-function-furniture" - this was all about laser disks twisted to form the most beautiful, futuristic pieces.

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  1. Wow! South African Fashion Week? That's awesome.. and I love these pictures!!

    Monica from F&ML: Fashion And My Life

  2. they are really cool right?Yeah i bet many of South Africa's designers can easily compete with a lot of the US and Europe's as well :) glad u liked it :)