Saturday, 30 April 2011


Putting up pretty pictures and telling you about how they make me feel is really nice - but I feel like its about time I let you into my personal life. I'm not just an unabashed fashion junkie; im also a student, living in South Africa (Grahamstown) studying psychology, I aim to one day be the ultimate triple threat - a jimmy choo wearing brain picking fashion sav with a world renound blog - KAZOW! :)
Last week my friend's and I went to Port Alfred; a beach town on the coast of the Eastern Cape, the sun was out, the (very good looking) surfers were..surfing, the boxed wine was open (yes, boxed wine) - it really was a perfect day. I learnt quite a bit that day, firstly, that one should never drink boxed wine, secondly, that walking in beach sand is extremely tiring and thirdly, that the world really is just a breathtakingly beautiful place that shouldnt b taken for granted - oh and i also learnt that people can get pretty loud and a tad violent when drunk but yeah, I guess I should've known!lol.

Thats me trying to pull some pose - dont ask!lol!

These lovely pics were taken by my good friend Dudu (aka 'D') - thanks a mil!