Saturday, 16 April 2011

i stumbled upon a gem

so they are was...looking at various pictures on my current absolute FAV website fashion gone rogue when i stumbled upon this AMAZING vogue editorial shoot - think EDGE taken to another level, another flippin' stratosphere! But then again its more than just edge, there is a great sense of sophistication to the outfits, and in other pictures theres also a great sense of if a ballerina suddenly fell in love with the idea of becoming a dominatrix (it sounds crazy i know). yeah...its like that. I love it, i love abbey lee kershaw and the aesthetic she adds to the pics and i thought it would be completely sinful not to share these gems with you all.
Enjoy :)
Photographer: Hedi Slimane (who is sooo cool)
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Stylist: Sarah Richardson
From: Russian Vogue April 2011

You see what I was saying about the ballerina-dominatrix?or was i just being weird?

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