Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Its the rays of warmth that hit your skin, open your pores and prepare you for another day, its the equally warm hues radiating from the garnished gardens and walls - nature waving its follower filled hand, saying hello. Its the taste of cold against hot, its the R25 wayfer shades you bought from that man on High Street, its the pleather glads you cling to, its the sunblock you forget, its the sun-tan you hate, its the warm nights laying on cool blankets sipping on cheap wine, its the short dresses (that cause the headturns), its the daisies in your hair and the thin lace on your skin, its the late sun sets and the memorable sunshine and the unforgettalbe, tepid memories still brewing at the forefront of your mind - keeping your heart warm.
And these are the various things that I will miss about it.

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