Friday, 15 April 2011


Photographer: Chris Saunders
edited by: me :) aka Sabu

Sorry I haven't been able to fully update you on more fashion week favs this week - how do they say? "back to school, back to reality"? Yeah well, thats partly why I've been so slow.
But fear not!
I can't wait to show you some of the SPECTACULAR peices the Spring/Summer fashion show yeilded this year, top top class peices with that lovely hint of 'made -in-Africa'. Okay lets jump straight in!

'Mantsho' is a Sotho name which I am totally inadquate to properly translate but according to the creator of the brand (Palesa Mokubung) it means "brutally black" and explains the roots of a young black woman. Palesa explains the Mantsho woman as one who is "hard but very soft, sexual, edgy but uniform and perfectly African" - this season Mantsho encapsulates that sexy, edgy yet home-grown ideal with form fitting dresses, shweshwe materials, killer shoes and originative makeup and hairstyles.

I like this label because the Mantsho woman is one of all sizes,
she is the everyday woman you know?

I think these peices are really cool and I love the fact that traditional African material is used in such an innovative way (like the pic above) BUT though this was a good show there is one specific show I believe would  HAVE to be one of my ABSOLUTE favourites so far...

Kepi, Sebu, Floyd and Thabo - four Soweto natives whose main aim is to peirce through that curtain of mediocrity with their outlandish and unconventional pieces. There fight against blandness and conformity is evident with their cool yet VERY different take on ...everything.
I just think they are so cool - and right now, my life's aim is to one day work for them.
I'm such a fan.


  1. loveeeeeeeeeee this range :) :) from Fundi-Durban (graphic designer)

  2. I love it too Fundi - can't wait to see what they come up with next :)