Monday, 19 September 2011

Box Braids in the Hizzay

Somewhere between sprawling myself on my mother's couch, ransacking her fridge (yes, I confess, I am that midnight snacker), and flipping incessantly between MTV, Fashiontv and The Style Network, I finally managed to braid my hair this past week. I had just recently taken out my weave (quick shout out to synthetic, curleable hair pieces) and I was dying to go for a 'homegrown', rustic, more natural kind of look - and then I saw Solange and her box braids.

Of course mine are much less dramatic (my neck can only handle so much thank you) but I LOVE them - they currently cannot do that epic, supersized bun that Solange is donning in this pic but they make a neat, moderately sized one that I will definitely rock this term - if all goes well I might just do them again in a few weeks, I believe I've been bitten by the box-braid bug...and I doubt there is any going back now.
*Promise to upload pics of my hairstyle sometime this week!

Soundtrack To My Life: Whip My Hair - Willow Smith