Monday, 26 September 2011

My Webcam Will Have to Suffice

So...I broke my camera this weekend. Mind you, I had only had it in my possesion for a period of six days before it fell to its (hopefully not) death.
If my brother or sister are reading this right now, please ignore this news - the camera will be fixed before the end of the week and there is absolutely no need to tell my parents!

Well I had promised you all that I would post a picture of my cute box braids that I am totally in love with because they are so simple and rustic, yet so cool and urban! Because my camera is...currently unavailable, my webcam will have to suffice.

Well, there they are - in all their rustic-urban glory!
I also wanted to show you pictures of AKA's performance and what I was wearing, both were epic ;) -- but alas technology has decided to give me the middle finger.
Lets just hope I can get this camera fixed - because if I can't, I'm in big trouble...

Soundtrack To My Life: Usher - Confessions



  1. They look really good!!

    sorry about your cam, I'd die if mine broke!!

  2. thanks mik :) i love them!

    as for the camera - I'm praying I can get it fixed!