Thursday, 22 September 2011

AKA in Grahamstown

AKA is coming to Grahamstown this weekend.
This time two years ago, I must admit I had no idea who he was, today however, AKA and his 'IV League' confederates are all over...and I mean all over! Yes teenage girls swoon over his charming smile and luminescent yellow skin but thats not the real reason for the hype though - AKA, IV League and other hip-hop heads like Pro-Kid, Kwesta, Naeto-C, Khuli Chana, JR (I could go on) are on the precipice of reconstructing South African and African Hip Hop as we know it.

Khuli Chana (Right) and AKA (Left).
So on Friday, some girls will be screaming out his name, professing their undying love, maybe even throwing their undergarments his way - as for me? I will be the girl somewhere in the packed crowd, singing along to all his lyrics, content that I got to see this man at the wake of his victory lap. 

Soundtrack To My Life: AKA - All I Know

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  1. Omg, he was totally at Wits yesterday! But you best believe by the time I trudged out there from res it was too packed for words- I only saw the top of his head, lol

    Also: I totally agree with you on these new hip-hop artists- they have changed music for me completely :)