Monday, 5 September 2011

Firstly I really must apologise for being such a stranger lately, its the work! These lecturers have it out for me, I promise you, I assume they want to make sure that they suck the life out me before I leave for Spring break. But in the words of that old Matthew Wilder "can't nobody break my stride, can't nobody hold me down (oh no!) ...I've got to keep on moving..."
And boy did I move this weekend.

Now you should know that Beyonce Knowles is not the only person in the world born on the fourth of September, sorry to kill your vibe Queen B fans but, yes, I was born on the fourth  as well and I had the honor of being able to celebrate my 20th birthday (twenty...eep!) with my beloved pals over the weekend. We started off in the afternoon, with some music, snacks, and a bowl of home-made punch (a la moi, if that makes any sense), we then showered got all dressed up and headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Grahamstown, '137 on High Street'.

My friends and I on our way there, note how we don't own cars.

That's me, trying to be the sweet, angelic yet highly demanding birthday host.

The most expensive thing on this picture, is the pasta - which (as you can well see) is digested and gone!

And then the fun started, insert five good looking girls high on life and Italian food in the midst of a camera and uber talented photographer Dudu Luthuli...and you get this...

and some of this...

I feel ridiculous posting these pictures hahaha! But I felt I had to share them with you guys - it's only right, right?!
As you can see I had a blast this weekend, thank you to all my friends and family who sent me lots of love, good wishes and blessings and, lastly, thanks to YOU dear reader who always sticks by me - reads my crap, compliments my posts and generally supports me in all that I do on this little blog of mine, Love!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Darling! <3
    I hope my 20th birthday is as fun as yours seems to have been. Maybe I should also just head on over to 137 on High...? ;)

    And don't feel weird about the pictures- I'm still trying to get a photographer that's even half as good for my little blog! lol

    Keep on doing what you're doing- I'm loving it.

    P.S.: I'd love it if you stopped by for a chat!


  2. thanks Nkhensani:) yeah i totally recommend going there, its got the coolest,most chilled vibe - you'll love it!Sometimes you just have to be ur own photographer for a while...hey, we all have to start somewhere right?:)
    Thanks for the support hun!
    Will check ur blog out asap!