Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I'm usually not one for luminescence, my colour palet consists of earthy, rustic hues - hence - this notion of colour blocking hasn't really apealed to me at all.

But thats gradually starting to change. All of a sudden i am tempted to buy items in the most outrageous colours known to man, if its not a tye dyed mini skirt its a gaudy pink crop top - I have not given into these desires yet, but i have bought my first pair of baby blue skinny jeans and u know wat? I love them!Whenever i wear them I feel like a fearless fashion hippie sporting the usual exuberant hippie style!Right then and there i feel like i could wear flower-ridden wreaths in my hair, downy feathers for earrings, paint flowers on my brogues, and rock a vintage Beatles Tee - all in the Name of Love!What emotions evoked from a pair of baby blue skinnies!
So i thought this post should be dedicated to my blue skinnies and the like - those things that insight a slight hint of giddiness, that sprinkle a dash of benevolence, that, ultimatley, colour me happy.

You like these three pics? Go to:

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